Pool Closing


Pool Closings Consist of:

Remove equipment drain plugs and drain: pump, filter heater, feeder (if applicable)

Remove directional inlets and blow water from the circ lines, add antifreeze

Install the customers winter plugs and skimmer freeze protection device

Remove ladders, handrails, diving board (if applicable) and set aside for storage

Add shock and winterizer (stain control and clarifier)

The chemicals we add will be COMPATIBLE with any of your chemicals!


Cover Service also available:

Place winter cover with water tubes


Anchor mesh safety cover


Customer Responsibilities:

Vacuum pool if needed 

Adjust water level to the bottom of skimmer opening

Turn on electrical power to power vac/blower

Make sure plugs and winterizing device are available/accessible

Cover pool, after pool is closed/winterized (if we are not providing that service)


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