Pool Opening

Pool Openings Consist of:

Remove winter plugs

Install equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets

Prime and start filter pump (if system is operational)

Add DE (if applicable)

Insert filter (if applicable)

Check circulation for adequate flow

Install ladders, handrails, diving board, slide and light (if applicable)

Liquid chlorine shock and algaecide - please allow pool to circulate 24 hours before adding further chemicals (please notify us if you require peroxide shock)

Free delivery of pool chemicals - Stock up for the whole pool season


Cover Removal also available:

Remove water from cover, brush to clean, fold cover


Remove safety cover, reseat cover anchors, and fold cover


Customer Responsibilities:

Remove, clean and store your pool cover if we're not providing that service.

Turn on electrical power and water at equipment area.

Make sure plugs and baskets are at the equipment location.

Add water to proper operating level

Bring a water sample to our store after opening to complete water balancing