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                                                                                                            Luxury Spas

Ultimate in Hydrotherapy

The Saratoga Spa Luxury Line still provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy as well as state of the art conveniences. Through multiple styles, size options, and performance the Luxury Line will provide value and the confidence that you have made the right decision. The tradition of the Luxury Line is for all those who enjoy a little pampering from a busy life.

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                                                Polo                                       Adelphi                                   Putnam

                                                  Polo                                                Adelphi                                          Putnam

                                    Dimensions: 57" x 80" x 29"                       Dimensions: 67" x 80" x 29"            Dimensions: 75" x 84" x  36" 

                                                 Total Jets: 23                                                      Total Jets: 31                                           Total Jets: 41


                                                     Canfield                                          Lincoln                                         Empire

                                                            Canfield                                                         Lincoln                                                       Empire

                                           Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 38"               Dimensions: 90" x 94" x 40"                Dimensions: 89" x 93" x 40"

                                                      Total Jets: 52                                               Total Jets: 63                                              Total Jets: 63




                                                                                                             Dimensions: 92" x 108" x 40"

                                                                                                                          Total Jets: 78


Adirondack Spas

Added Distinction of Hydrotherapy

When considering the Adirondack Line, the necessities that fulfill your desire for hot water relief, along with the added distinction of hydrotherapy that doesn't leave you wanting, will be the deciding factors. The path to the Adirondack Line provides a design with the proper environment for you and your family.


                                                 Keene                                     Champlain                                     Cascade

                                                        Keene                                                        Champlain                                                    Cascade                                            

                                            Dimensions: 57" x 80" x 29"               Dimensions: 67" x 80" x  34"                Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 38"

                                                       Total Jets: 20                                             Total Jets: 25                                             Total Jets: 42


                                                     Marcy                                         Georgian                                         Regent LE

                                                             Marcy                                                          Georgian                                                     Regent LE

                                           Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 38"               Dimensions: 89" x 93" x 40"               Dimensions: 84" x 90" x 38"

                                                         Total Jets: 43                                            Total Jets: 56                                              Total Jets: 55



Special Edition Spas


Saratoga Spas® offers three Special Edition models that provide a strong value to price. They are models that offer a great balance of size, therapy and special features as part of their standard design. Ask your dealer for details and availability on these Special Edition models. NOTE: Special Edition models, styles, and features not available at all times during the year model styles may change or be discontinued so see your dealer for availability.



                                                C28                                        p25                                       C28

                                                          P13                                                                P25                                                                C28                                            

                                          Dimensions: 59" x 82" x 29"                  Dimensions: 78.5" x 36.5"                  Dimensions: 80" x 84" x 36"

                                                       Total Jets: 13                                             Total Jets: 25                                                Total Jets: 28


                                                  C35                                           C40                                         R45

                                                             C35                                                                   C40                                                                 R45

                                       Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 38"                  Dimensions: 84" x 84' x 38"                 Dimensions: 84" x 90" x 38"

                                                    Total Jets: 36                                                Total Jets: 41                                               Total Jets: 45


                                                 L50                                             L50                                      Regent

                                                             G50                                                                    L50                                                          Regent

                                        Dimensions: 89" x 93" x 40"                  Dimensions: 90" x 94" x 40"             Dimensions: 84" x 90" x 38"

                                                   Total Jets: 53                                                   Total Jets: 51                                          Total Jets: 55


Cottage Spas

Saratoga Spas® offers two Cottage Spa models that provide a strong value to price. Ask your dealer for details and availability on these Cottage Spas models.


                                                                              collins                                                         Whitman  

                                                                                 Collins                                                                     Whitman

                                                              Dimensions: 80" x 84" x 36"                             Dimensions: 80" x 84" x 36"

                                                                           Total Jets: 37                                                            Total Jets: 38


                                                 TT150                                                                             TT250
                                                                                 TT450                                                     TT650

STARTING AT $4499.00

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